As a Creative, I have played a major role in the visualization of projects, developing an informed design based on findings, targets, branding and user experience requirements. I have played key roles in developing the visual identities and functionality of a wide range of websites for many large brands and accounts.

My story starts here


After escaping high school in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1990 I legged it to Edinburgh and studied for a BSc in Industrial Design. It was a good time and I learned a lot and completed those studies in 1995. But I quickly realized that if I stuck to Industrial Design I would not be spending my days designing the next eyecatching automobile, but more likely a wingnut that might hold a piece of the car together. Not my bag so I shifted my focus to interactive and studied a MSc in Interactive Technology in 1996.


My first jobs were in and around Edinburgh and Dunfermline. I worked on a variety of projects and kind of floated between design and development where I would both create the visuals for projects, and also build that shit wether it was a website or an interactive installation. At the time i also got into Flash and started creating bits and pieces that were getting a bit of notice from all over the place which then took me overseas.


In 1999 I jumped on a plane to Dubai, U.A.E. Boy was that an interesting place at the time. I was pulled over to a small traditional agency to primarily start and build their web capability. Although I had a lot of fun Dubai ultimately wasn't really the place for me. After a meeting with one of the royal family there (everyone seems to be in the royal family somehow) where i was told i simply had to agree with whatever they wanted and whatever they said, however way off base they were, I jump on another plane and got myself out of there.


In 2000 I finally hit American shores landing in the Big Apple. My Flash skills had caught the eye of a few agencies and after kicking things off at Riptide Communications in 2000, I have since moved around a number of places while juggling visas and green card application until I finally got one. Riptide lasted until the company that acquired them floundered with what to do with them until it ran out of money. Following a short spell freelancing around I landed at IconNicholson in 2004 where I camped out for a good while and worked with some awesome people honing my design skills and moving more and more into Creative Direction. While there I led a number of projects from a creative standpoint, leading the charge on a lot of the MasterCard work, mucking in on a number of rapid fire pitches, and ultimately leading the redesign of In my time there the agency was acquired and ultimately became LBi.


In 2011 I found myself in an interesting group at mcgarrybowen. I was drafted in to help run the Labs group there and lead the creative for the group. This was where I unpeeled a passion for working with technologists and new technology to see what could be dreamt up on a creative level. I sereved a lot of my time serving as a bridge between the regular client teams and Labs being someone who knew both worlds and could infuse the more Labs like thinking into those teams in a way that made sense to them and augmented their thinking. It was a great time but the group was one that was intentially not billable and when theings started taking a downward turn we were ultimately targeted to be cut. Although I was kept on, things just never were the same and I moved on in 2014.


Since mcgarrybowen days I teamed up with my old boss at mcgarrybowen, John McGarry, and started 2mrw where we focus creating what we call "Value-Centric Marketing". Creating platforms, products and entertainment that enhances a persons experience while being brought to them by a brand that reaps the benefit of deeper connections and increased loyalty.

What's Next?

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