I was approached by the Stateside contingent of Beekeeper, a Zürich based startup, to help them with the renvisioning of their employee socialization platform used to help foster more fluid communication and culture, particularly catering towards service industries. Their current platform has gained them a solid foothold in the european market but there was recognition that the U.S. market was a different beast and in order to secure future rounds of funding a solid envisioning of the platform for the future was needed.


What was the issue?

The existing platform was built out of a tech first approach.

Although the platform was solid, from a technical perspective, the brand had been loosely explored up until now in lou of the need for technical considerations to be buttoned up as the baseline. With expansion into the U.S. market it was recognized that the design of the platform was likely to be critiqued more than before and the better the user experience the better the perception of the entire offering would be. By taking the existing pages I could retool the visual experience, offer up suggestions for improvement, and create a visual design that fullfilled the business needs and would allow them to present a furute forward vision in order to secure further inverstment.


This design work was undertaken in a short timeframe to simply show the possibilities of the platform.
Any subsequent work is based on the organizations ability to secure future investment, and if they determine investment funds allows for further design and UX exploration. Conversations are ongoing.