DRoP by Beatport

As is often the case one projects starts with and ask and morphs into something else. In this instance we (2mrw) were asked by SFX Entertainment to create the branding around a MasterCard cobranded credit product that was being introduced and aimed at (you guessed it) MILLENNIALS. That ask was undertaken fairly quickly and successfully but in doing so we evolved the idea way beyond just branding and formulated a plan for a new engagement platform that could form a whole new line of business for SFX and capitalize on their fanatical EDM captive millennial audience.

Getting to know the audience

We did workshops with millennials and found them to be jumped up, self-righteous, self-absorbed, and entitled little twats.

( But they did bring up some good points. Go figure )



And so a brand was built
( With the crazy talented Josh Rhode and Diego Aguilar )


Brand + Strategic Thinking = Engagement Platform

The idea was simple. Find out what these numbnuts desire around the experiences SFX has on offer. Between access to EDM artists, streaming music services, festivals and events, and plethora of EDM related content there was plenty of fodder finding the experience enhancing "DRoPs" to deliver to these jumped up wannabees as a surprise when they need it. Couple this with offering up these "DRoPs" to brands as a new form of reaching this insanely desired audience and you have nice little modern day marketing platform on your hands. 


We even made charts to show how it would work

Then the client filed for Chapter 11