This is a redesign of an game/app that was actually designed and built a number of years ago as a little side project with a couple of friends. Originally the project was more of a challenge to ourselves to get an app built and launched, which we succeeded in doing. Afterwards we just kind of let it slide and day jobs took over leaving no time or energy to keep the thing maintained. The idea behind the app, a customized quiz generated entirely from your own connections on social media, still holds its own. So every now and again I embark on a quick rework of the app just to imagine where we could take it if we rebuilt it today.

So whats the idea?

Show how social "friends" are not always true friends by generating a quiz of information from their social profiles and activites.

By connecting up your social account to the app we can then access certain information on you and your connections. We're not going to spam or stalk anyone with this trawling for info, simply take a look and see what music people have liked, movies they like, places they live etc. All and any info that your friends share about themselves that you, as a good "friend" should bloody well know. We gather up a random trawl of info on a random selection of your friends to generate 10 simple questions. For each question you get presented with 3 possible candidates for the information, 2 flase and one correct. Get it right and get a positive score. Wrong? well wrong is wrong. The total positive score of you quiz will give you a friend rating and also the possibility to defriend the "friends" you clearly don't know well. Sharing your results gains you social prestige and a challenge every week to be top rated of your friends.

Wrap it up in a nice app so you can quickly quiz on your commute



As mentioned before this was initially a side project so some credit, at least on the idea, has to go to Marc Anderson and Andrew Carlson who I originally concieved this idea with over many a beer. We actually had a ton of really great ideas but this was one of the few that actually got made. The design you see on this page is however all mine for better or worse. The original app has now dissapeared from the app store but who knows, maybe I'll get it rebuilt with a new flashy design.