While working for LBi we were asked to pitch on the Goodyear account. This was a huge effort that utilized most of the agency against some of the larger agencies at the time. At first we thought "How exciting can tires be?" but after diggin in and explore our own experiences with greasy mechanics we found a space that proved to be deep, rich and a brand we could have a bit of fun with as well.

One brand with a plethora of audiences

Tires are tires right? Well yes but there are tires for racing, tires for trucks, tires for bikes, tires for every day cars. The kinds of tires that are manufactured by a company like Goodyear is a seemingly endless list and with each tire type is a whole different audience to present to. To help manage this I designed out a template stucture that would allow the pages to be customized with imagery, color palette and even fonts while keeping the general code the same.

Global brands need a global gateway

Given that Goodyear was being accessed from everywhere and anywhere we also needed to offer up a global entryway incase we had no way of determining location. Something quick and simple but something more than just a country drop down list allowing a user to get to the content they want easier and faster.


Engagement, customization, localization

We were determined to make this thing as flexible as we could and geared towards every single user so as well as intuitive tools that were designed out we also added localization to the mix at a time the idea was new so if you were accessing the site from Arizona the presentation was visually aletered to represent that and the content that was bubbled up was relevant to the driving conditions common in that location. 


And it kept going

We included all kinds of social and mobile integrations to the mix including a blimp tracker, for the famous Goodyear blimp, and my personal favorite, the pothole tracker and reporter that would socially shame the roads that would make road travel difficult. We even proposed a stealth team that could go in and fix the potholes leaving a Goodyear logo stamped into the hot tarmac.


So you won right?

Well, no. Although we got praised highly for the creative thinking behind our pitch with the acknowledgement that it was head and shoulders above anything else they saw, it all came down to the agency size and support. In the end the comfort of going with a large global agency with it's holding company supporting network won out. I'm not sure what they've done since but it's safe to say I haven't heard of anything groundbreaking or buzz worthy happening.