This is a personal project aimed at tackling the ever present problem of household management. As with many households keeping track of what you need and when is a group effort. Listerati was a simple idea to consolidate the task or shopping list items between the entire household into one spot to allow them to be acted upon whenever, and by whomever, it makes the most sense.

So whats the idea?

Have everybody log the needs fo the household in one central, and smart, application.

By allowing everybody in one household, or office, to add the needs they see in the household as and when they find them, they can immediately be made available to the rest of the household or team. In doing so we eliminate the trips to supermarkets, hardware stores, or anywhere else purchases are made, where an individual shopper simply gets what they need for their tasks while missing an obvious need from someone else. Location can be grabbed on the go allowing the app to alert users when they are at, or near a store where items are on the group lists. 

Wrap it up in a nice app where users can define their team and get rolling



This project was concieved after many arguments at home. Although the idea I still stand by, I am not a mobile developer so my hands have been tied in bringing this little gem to reality, as simple as it is. As a result the argumants at home continue and those moments of opening the fridge and thinking "bollocks, we needed milk" are still in full swing to this day. If there are any developers suffering the same fate as I am at home then please get in touch and we can tackle this one together and bring it to life. It'll save many a relationship.