As part of LABS at mcgarrybowen we were always drafted in to add some off the laundry list ideas to throw into the mix in a pitch scenarios. I'm still not entirely sure if we had the business, were looking to win the business, or were just trying our damndest to get noticed by the client. Ultimately I guess it worked as we ended up doing some work for them. I'd like to think the ideas we put together went some way to helping make a case for us to do work for them but I think we only really ended up doing a couple of ads. ho hum.

Showroom Support

We proposed creating a more experiential sales tool that the sales staff could showcase and control from an iPad because any high end establishment needs an iPad or 2. We would probably put them in fancy leather cases made from the hide of a rare mountain cow that is only found in the far reaches of patagonia as well, just to emphasize the exclusivity. This app would contain all the information on the vehicles so the salesperson doesn't need to try and memorize every nuance of every option available.  They can also capture the customer info so they can be harassed at a later date periodically until they give in and buy a car to stop maddening sales pitch. 

We also wanted to place the vehicles in specific areas in the showroom so we could projection map information onto them when triggered by the sales staff as they waffle through their sales banter. We could also allow colors to be shown on a physical car, and even give the impression of the vehicle when on the move travelling through a city. It all looks great and tends to divert the user from listening to the sales patter in the showroom.



Map with Music

Here's a novel idea. Create a car that would be mapped based on your tastes in things like music. Stick your Spotify account in and choose music and watch the car change based on tempo, genre and any other info we can grab from a track. The theory is this will bring the brand closer to you as an individual but will really just result in people tooling around changing tracks to see something different for a while. If we're smart we'll give it a social component so people can share their creations and suck another load more people in to nonce around with changing their car colors through music. We also proposed a projection mapped experience that could be enjoyed from the interior of the car, as well as an audio experience in the exhibition stand that would surround users with the distinctive sound of the Maserati engine in action. Vrrrrroooom!

After all that we did this

But credit where credit is due

They had a lot of bodies on this one but Memorable people where Adam Kahn (GCD) who was always a good champion of our more off the wall thinking. Unfortunately for me he saw sense and shifted out to Cincinnati where he leads creative at Possible, lucky bastards. Also had the talents of Eric Stockmeyer (ACD) who is another good off the wall experience thinker. He codes, animates, and can do aftereffects and shit. We may have also had some help from Saad Moosajee who creates some amazing illustration and all with no ego or attitude.