This was a bear of a project that was undertaken while at LBi. Neutrogena wanted to pull all their products into their own ecomm site as opposed to only selling through third party sites. We had to go in and figure out all the pages they'd need and outline the template structure then work with some dev company who supposedly had an "off-the-shelf" ecomm product that was very customizable. Well we all kno whow that goes. Never as customizable as they make out. We beat them up enough to largely get things the way we wanted tho. And it's pretty much still holding strong today without much changes.

We planned a ton of templates


This site was huge and had a ton of things to consider. A huge array of products, multiple product lines, multiple product options, deep information, brand story, multiple ways of finding the information. It was an IA/UX designers wet dream really. They could lock themselves in their room and drum out wireframes and functional specs until they were well and truly satisfied. We created a very easy blocked structure that would easily allow us the flexibility we wanted to create individual looks for each page while keeping strong placememnts for global elements and a strong page to page familiarity. 

We pulled apart the brand, used our templates, and created a site.


This wasn't just my effort

This was a huge team that undertook this. Design wise we had Emil Lanne leading us as the GCD on the account. Almost every designer at LBi mucked in at somepoint to help us drum out the designs. Notables were Mike Ziegenhagen, Amy Martino, Marc Anderson and I think Paul D'Addario might have lent his feminine touch to the copy.