Neutrogena Naturals

Whilst working at LBi I undertook the site design of a new product from Neutrogena. This was following the successful redesign of and was to be integrated into that site. This new product line was dumping itself squarely in the "natural" products frenzy at the time but we had to keep this one very Neutrogena as opposed to crusty. I guess we did an ok job of both Neutrogena and the naturals site as they have pretty much stood the test of time and look today as they did then. Maybe I was ahead of my time 😉

Landing page using our new templates


And blow out the rest of the pages

Products Landing

Kept our template structure keeping the products as large as possible above the fold. Yes this was in the days where that argument was commonplace because it wasn't believed that anybody would scroll if they didn't see what they needed immediately or supposedly know that there was something to scroll to. Of course we now know that people do scroll, they always scroll, often they scroll first to scan an entire page before even really looking at anything closely. We also had some stuff hidden behind expandable panels. This was pretty out there at the time as this meant there was a dreaded extra click to get to what someone wanted. Another dogshit argument of days gone by that needs to be put to bed, although hidden panels seem out the window as well because people bloody well scroll! 


I couldn't have done this alone

Well I maybe could as we worked with another Neutrogena vendor who did all the dev so our part was pretty much just design (around the lame templates they developed for us). However I have to acknowledge a few folks. Emil Lanne led the charge as our GCD on this account. He taught me how to pretend you understand a dev from another country by simply asking them to "give us that in an email". A far more understandable medium where accents are non existent. We also had the great Mike Ziegenhagen working his refined design magic on my initial sloppy comp direction work to bring a level of superior art direction to things. We also enlisted another great talent in Amy Martino to help flesh out the visual direction. We did pretty good and it's still pretty much what we designed today. GO TEAM!