Once in a while I just want to tackle something quick and stretch my legs a little in rapid fire redesign. This is one of those projects. Nolen Niu is a former colleague of mine who ditched the marketing world to get back to his roots in industrial design and has ended up building a formidable furniture collection with a very distinct style. I felt his existing site could benefit with a little update to better showcase his work and style. Over the course of a couple lazy afternoons I took the existing content from the site and reworked a couple of key pages visually to give them some kick.

A Simple Flexible Rework


Similar rules applied to a product page


Easy Mobile Breakdown



As I said, this is just an exercise. It hasn't been done in consultation with Nolen Niu and when he sees it he'll probably laugh, straighten his blazer out and kindly, but sternly, ask me to remove it from my site. OR he can take it and run with it if he likes. It was just a days throw together anyway.