While at 2mrw we were approached to help the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation to help craft a vision and execution around their marketing campaign, NVRQT. As a foundation that pledges every dollar raised gets out towards cancer research the budgets were non existent. That didn't stop the desire to explore a whole variety of creative marketing ideas ranging from film series concepts and experiential pr worthy stunts to what we finally moved forward with, a mobile engagement platform to alter quitting behavior by instilling consequences.


How did you get here?

Giving up is all too easy. We set ourselves the simplest challenges then stop. "I'll do it tomorrow."

We wanted to tap into the attitude, approach, and fight of children battling cancer to show users how trivial their own challenges are and that there really is no excuse for stopping, stalling or quitting on them. Kids battling cancer simply don't have the quit mentaility in them. Maybe it's age, development and a lack of life experience but the result is powerful. They not battling cancer as much as they are battling to get back out doing what they love. Playing with friends, taking part in sports, enjoying the outdoors, the simple passions we all take for granted. We shifted that focus of that drive into everybodies simple challenges with the message that it's too easy to quit and for some thats not an option. Why should it be for you?

The result was an encouragement engine that allowed users to set NVRQT challenges on anything from running and training for marathons to stopping their caffiene intake.



This project is currently in production. Much of the build is being done by a third party production company with oversight from myself and 2mrw. Development is being undertaken as a web based app so information can be shared and interacted with through web, social networks or a packaged app experience. As well as design and UX for all screen instances of the experience, I have also been a key contributor into the concepting, campaign ideas, marketing plan, and oversight of creative vision throughout the process of the project.