Peek is a company focused on bringing exclusive off the grid and under the radar experiences to it's users. Their main focus had been on their app experience, so much so that the online presence had been overlooked. After chatting with an insider at the client end they were clear they needed to address things but having been so wrapped up in their own world and the app they were having trouble just kick starting the whole process. To help move the boat along I did a couple of quick rethinks of key pages in the site to give my thoughts on how the experience and presentation could be improved with a fresh pair of unbiased eyes. 

Elements For Construction


Brought together to form...

A Sweet Landing Page

There was a bunch of things to include on the landing page. They had all been added over time. Not bad idea but the layout they had was a result of adding, adding, and adding without solid thought into what needs priority, what needs space, or how the wierd beast we call a consumer actually behaves when presented with this kind of info. 

A first thing to look at was that header space as usual. BIG visuals highlighting the kinds of adventures these guys can get you. Customize it to location the user is browsing from to give them recognizable and contextual adventures. Adapt the search facility to be sequential. "I have THIS MUCH TIME for THIS KIND OF EXPERIENCE at THIS LOCATION". This makes it a bit more conversational and simple to understand, right?

Going down the page there is different ways in to discover the adventures. Celebrity curated lists, location specific, and types of groups. Give these their own space so they stand alone. Then your viewer can quickly scroll past what doesn't interest them and stop at a distinct area that does without any crossed wires. Consumers don't have time to figure out your DaVinci code of a site and they don't want to so don't ask them to.

Round off whole thing with you utilitarian links, some kind words that no body will ever check to see if they are real, and of course a link to your app which is where you really want people to discover this stuff from.


Adventures & Booking

The detail pages were obviously going to be a template so they would all have set content blocks that would have to be filled up in some way shape or form. I simply broke down the blocks that were existing and gave focus to each distinct area and positioned them in a way that seemed to make the most sense. Don't bombard the user with specifics, times, locations, available dates etc until they actually know this is something they want. 

When someone chooses to book an activity then I put the booking as some kind of persistent module that would essentially sit behind every page. This at least makes the process look simple and isn't jumping the user completely away from what they're looking at. This eliminates the "Wha? where ami? is this the right...AH FUCKIT!" factor.


Then What?

After the promise of great collaborations, whisky sampling in San Francisco bars, and amazing adventures to be had, Peek dissapeared off to find their next round of funding. Not sure if they got it cos they haven't given me a shout back yet. Oh well.