As the global network at mcgarrybowen was growing there was a desire and need to form better lines of communication between offices. After all what are people getting from a network if every office simply does it's own thing and has it's own style. My goal was to start cross pollinating everything to do with agency from new discoveries, new faces, thoughts and ideas, and cultural tid-bits across the network with no boudaries. To do this my LABS group formulated a plan to create a digital publication for the agency that would be available to all existing employees through their own agency network credentials. With content being pulled from all around the agency, what is normally distributed in a lame all agency email could now be delivered in a deep interactive and rich publication that really showcased the forward thinking of the agency (or at least my group).

We pulled apart DPS

We got pretty cozy with the folks at Adobe for a while as we wanted to figure out how to distribute this using their Digital Publishing Suite. We sat through a bunch of one-on-one sessions with their "Gurus" and proceeded to pick their brains on ways to incorporate video, sound, dynamic content etc. This was in the fairly early days of DPS so we grilled them pretty hard and had them stumped on a number of neat idea that we ultimately prototyped to prove they were possible to teh Adobe guys. Many of the ideas have now started to become rolled into the features of DPS. I'm not saying they came from us but I do like that we pushed them early on and things have evolved that way.

Then we planned and crafted

Gathering content was the worst part of this but we formulated an editorial calendar that would put content gathering under the ownership of someone somewhere else in the agency. We crafted a number of ongoing sections that could be repeated every issue with not too much effort. We coupled these with set articles that would focus on different aspects of the agency. New wins, network activity, technology discoveries etc. We would also try to get input from clients who could also get the publication if they wanted. This would serve to bring them closer into collaboration with the agency as a whole.


So what happened to it?

Christ only knows. I'm fairly sure the anyone in the agency with the skills and knowledge to upkeep something like this either left or was canned in the drastic cut backs that occured when things started going tits up. I'm not even sure that there's anyone there who even knows what DPS is anymore as they've regressed into a shadow of the the place I was lucky enough to be working at.  Now all they seem to churn out now are run-of-the-mill 30sec and 60sec spots. All digital innovation has left the building. I got a deep dive into DPS to walk away with though so I can't complain too much.