Every now and again a conversation steers me to take a look at a site or brand and see what they are up to and how I can reimagine what they have going on. This was the case where a chat with a friend led me to take a look at custom furniture manufacturer, Thomas Moser. Their furniture was great, their brand has history and culture. None of this was really coming through on their site. So i took a rapid fire rethink to see what I could do.

My breakdown of existing page


Reimagined as...


A Grid

Stick everything on a nice grid. You know why? Because it makes life a whole lot easier to lay things out and to ultimately code. What's more with a nice grid structure the whole responsive/adaptive thing becomes a snap. Just start stacking or hiding blocks so the mobile and tablet versions look as dandy as the desktop one. If I were doing this properly I'd probably start the actual design process with a mobile version going up. BUT a nice desktop version looks bigger to a potential client and we know they love things BIG

Hero Space

When your product is a finely designed visual masterpiece then make it the visual focus when someone lands at the site. People love images, even better videos (cos they move, oooohhhh!). Let them to take over as much of the browser window they can. Build a hero section so where content is easy to dynamically change to be kept current and fresh. Show viewers the new product that has just launched, the personalities of the company, the culture of behind the brand. These days people lap that stuff up and what's more you can propogate the same content through the social channels to suck more people in. Double the bang for your buck.

Persistent Promo Bar

Show offers without impeding on the regular design of the page or taking over the hero spot. It's easy. Build in an optional persistent promo bar where you can easily attract a user to the latest hot deal by giving the offer it's own space. Because it's a full width row removing it is a snap.

Put it all together and shake it all about


The Caveat

This is just a concept using the elements that exist on the current page. It's easy to push elements around, change colors, and give things a fancy font when there is no client to weigh in.  There are many many more factors at the client end that have to shape these products such as legacy technologies to work within, branding guidelines, business divisions...well you get the idea. Add them to the mix and thats when the fun really starts.