Doing timesheets is a pain in the tits. You never want to do them so you put it off until you're cut off from internet access and by that time all you can rely on is a shambles of a calender to piece together fictitious hours that then result in jobs not being reported correctly. I hate timesheets. So I took a look at what causes all the trauma and pain in tracking time. There's a ton of supposed timetracking apps out there but they simply never worked for me. so I dug into why they didn't work and came up with my own simple spin on it. Not rocket science.

So whats the issue?

We're all lazy pricks and don't like having to remember things over a long period of time.

So we fix that by...

Log what just happened, not what's about to.

The obvious solution, and one that seems to be leaned on a lot, is this idea of a stopclock. Start the clock when you start your task. Stop it when you stop. Make sense right? WAH WAHHHHH!! How often do you think people start those clocks, leave them running all night because they forgot they even started the bloody thing, and noticed the next day when thay are in no better position than they were in the first place other that having an exact time they started? I'll bet 90% of the time. So i flipped it. Don't ask them what they are about to do. Ask them what they have just done, and ask them that every hour or so. They'll remember because it was just the last hour of their life. They'll remember specifics because it's fresh in their memory. And eveyone can remember the last hour down to the roughly 15 min increments that timesheet entry requires. As if by magic the time is tracked, stored, forgotten by the user and then recalled by them only at the time they need it

Wrap it up in a nice app design for on-the-go convenience