Finlabs Website:

Showcasing an ever-growing team of product and technology experts for hire.

The Challenge

Representing deep technical expertise and product experience.

Since Finlabs was started in 2017, it's team and reputation has grown at a rapid pace, faster than our website could keep up. As a result, there's a need to drastically update the web presence and expose the best of our abilities and work to potential clients and employees.

The Solution

Complexity Simplified.

As a company, we feel we bring the ability to take complicated processes and problems and strip away the complexity for our clients to allow them to simplify their outlook and let their ideas live and thrive. I wanted to design a site that created some visual complexity but was steeped in a strong and simplified structure to embody that belief. A strong gridded structure was created but by staggering and layering elements some visual complexity and depth were created. Content is clearly spaced to give the user an easily digestible site that intrigues and showcases the depth of our team and our experiences.

My Role:
Concept, Strategy, UX, UI Design
Currently awaiting development

Who did these?

I am David Papworth, a long time creative wanderer that has been lucky enough to stretch my legs on some exciting projects and brands. Having worked in the agency world for a long time, I am now on a journey of creating my own one with Finlabs. This site showcases some examples of design work. I stress that design, as visuals, are less than half the story behind much of the work I do, but a very visible skill in my back pocket that I can showcase. To get to the meat and potatoes of my projects takes a story of research, discovery, experimentation, and refinement that isn't best presented online. I'd do them a disservice by trying to cram in the details but if something interests you and you want to hear more let, drop me a line.