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iworkie Biz Manager:

Visibility into team productivity for businesses with remote teams and freelance employees.

The Problem

How can you monitor a disparate team across multiple projects?

With an ever-increasing remote workforce, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of team activity and ensure you are meeting your project and business goals. The tieing together of business management and project management is rarely found in existing software. They generally lean towards a project manager role, allowing tasks to be pushed around with timelines and milestones to be set. Alternatively, time tracking is the domain of the Finance dept where understanding the financial implications of team productivity is the goal.

The Solution

Blend two worlds to gain better insight.

I see the two worlds of productivity management and business financial management as intertwined. My goal was to blend these two worlds so that smaller business owners who do not have the luxury of multiple departments, or large budgets to spend on software can get a one-stop-shop for monitoring their team and the impact that is having on their business. This will help business owners see their financial tracking as it happens and allow them to plan growth, monitor progress, as well as give them historical records of projects and tasks to help with more accurate scoping of new projects.

Digestible History

The History view gives users a 50,000ft view of activity and progress fueled by connected employees activity logged in the iworkie app. Filtering allows users to select date ranges and specific projects and clients to slice and dice the data in whatever way makes sense to gain the most insight.

Project Specific Activity

Users can get more visibility into specific progress and the impact of a single client or project. Time logged across the entire team, as well as the financial implications of a project, are all visible at a glance with the data being viewed available as export for deeper manipulation of the data to be done outside of the system if required.

Keep your team productive

Because the system is fueled by the time logged by the invited team, the user has the ability to see when team members are overstretched or struggling with tasks that will take others less time to do. This allows the managers to redistribute and redelegate tasks to maximize the efficiency of the team and, as a result, the performance of the company.

Sounds good, Sign me up!

Although the biz manager is up and running in a basic form, we have yet to introduce some of the more powerful features outlined. Currently, monitoring of input from the team and being able to track project progress is all working in a basic form while we try the system out for our own use and soft launch to small teams and businesses willing to help with feedback to fuel further development of the product. If your interested in taking it for a spin feel free to check it out at iworkie.com. Give us a shout at Finlabs if you want to give it a spin and we can probably hook you up.

My Role:
Concept, Strategy, UX, UI Design
Niko Rehnbäck (Development & Concepting)
Finlabs team (Backend and system work)

Who did these?

I am David Papworth, a long time creative wanderer that has been lucky enough to stretch my legs on some exciting projects and brands. Having worked in the agency world for a long time, I am now on a journey of creating my own one with Finlabs. This site showcases some examples of design work. I stress that design, as visuals, are less than half the story behind much of the work I do, but a very visible skill in my back pocket that I can showcase. To get to the meat and potatoes of my projects takes a story of research, discovery, experimentation, and refinement that isn't best presented online. I'd do them a disservice by trying to cram in the details but if something interests you and you want to hear more let, drop me a line.