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Facilitating group purchasing power to destroy shopping lists with ease.

The Problem

Shopping for groups is done by individuals

We create shopping lists for all kinds of scenarios. The lists we create are often to fulfill the needs of more than the individual that creates them. At home, we go grocery shopping for an entire family. Buying supplies for the office is buying supplies for a team. We gather all those needs and wants, create those lists, and attempt to go to one destination to get everything on the list. The result is missed items and multiple trips.

The Solution

Empower the group to create the lists then rebuild them around locations.

By creating collaborative lists we then make everyone a shopper, and at any time one individual can pick up items added by any collaborator whenever they are near a location that stocks it. The lists become more of a free entry so families can add all their individual desired items to the grocery list for all to view. Locations can also be added at the item level which allows us to refactor the lists for the purpose of making the shopping process location-driven and more efficient. This way you can be tackling items from multiple lists at one location and couple that with many shoppers in many locations and your lists get fulfilled by the group in a fraction of the time...without any more fighting or dissapointment.

Simplicity is key

The structure is so simple in functionality that there as no confusing sections and features to discover and navigate around. Simply add items, build lists, and earmark locations. Then distributing that information by sharing lists and pinpointing items at locations becomes our driver to group shopping success.

Quick Setup

The key elements of the app are introduced in the onboarding process to familiarize the user with the information they'll need to add and to open the app with immediate actions to respond to. By introducing the sharing from the first run of the app we also help facilitate the organic growth of the user base with new users immediately inviting in more users.

Never Forget

With locations marked and shopping list items specified to locations, we can use location services on the user's device to allow us to alert them when they're nearby any location that has any items on it. With ManyHands it doesn't matter if you're running out to fill the car with gas, wandering around the city on a lunch break, or stumbling home after a night on the town, It will always let you know when you have the opportunity to grab that missing milk from the fridge or pick up that relationship smoothing treat for your spouse. 

I need this. Let me install it now!

Woah there. This app is currently in development with all design, prototyping, and sprinkling of research thrown in for good measure. Time and resource permitting, this app should be available soon and relationships everywhere will be saved from the stress of grocery shopping nightmares.

Dave's Fantastical App Factory


My Role:
Concept, Brand, UX, UI Design, Prototyping

Flying Solo so far

Who did these?

I am David Papworth, a long time creative wanderer that has been lucky enough to stretch my legs on some exciting projects and brands. Having worked in the agency world for a long time, I am now on a journey of creating my own one with Finlabs. This site showcases some examples of design work. I stress that design, as visuals, are less than half the story behind much of the work I do, but a very visible skill in my back pocket that I can showcase. To get to the meat and potatoes of my projects takes a story of research, discovery, experimentation, and refinement that isn't best presented online. I'd do them a disservice by trying to cram in the details but if something interests you and you want to hear more let, drop me a line.